"Working with Brown Pkg. makes my job easier. I know that when I place an order and they tell me that it will be delivered the next day, I can almost set my watch by when the driver will get here. Keep up the good work."
Teresa Bradley, CFM - Stove Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum purchase requirement, so many companies ask for huge amounts in the hundreds of dollars?
    • There is NO minimum purchase amount required. You will be treated fairly and respectfully no matter the amount. Lest we forget…we all had to get started.
  • Do you have your own delivery trucks?
    • With a fleet of our own delivery trucks we are able to deliver all inventoried items usually within 24-48 hrs throughout the Northeast.
  • How long have you been in business?
    • Started in 1963 by founder Fred J. Brown, we have been serving the Northeast for over 40 years.
  • Do you have a showroom where I can go to see some of this packaging equipment?
    • Yes, we have a beautiful facility set up for just this purpose. Here you will see packaging systems from Lantech, TexWrap, Signode, Sharp, PFM, Longford International, Belco, Sta, Champion Case Sealers, Strapack, and many others.
  • I haven't found any 'standard' systems to satisfy my application. Can you modify something so it will do what I need?
    • In many cases we can. We have some very skilled technicians who can build additional componentry and adapt it to stock machines. A perfect example, a customer wanted the 4 flaps of the carton folded down before it exited the case erector to make it easier to load the case and could find no standard system that could do it. Our technical team engineered it and built it.
  • My boss says we need to have an outside 'Systems Integration Consultant' could you help us with that?
    • Yes, more and more companies are looking to partner with someone who can supply multiple systems within a particular packaging line, or perhaps the entire line itself. This can greatly reduce miscommunication by multiple partners, eliminate finger pointing and generally lead to a much more timely, efficient and trouble free startup as well as long term project stability. We welcome these 'Integration Challenges' and stand poised to assist you with yours.

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