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is a multinational manufacturer of steel and plastic strapping, stretch film, pressure sensitive carton sealing tape and the application equipment and accessory products for each. Their products are used throughout the world in a broad range of industries to secure everything from cotton bales and newspapers to steel coils and corrugated cartons.

Plastic Strapping

Two plastic strapping materials — Contrax® polypropylene and Tenax® polyester — are the basic components of Signode's plastic strapping systems. They also offer an extensive line of application equipment, ranging from simple hand tools to fully automated, operatorless machines.

Steel Strapping

Magnus® and Apex Plus™ steel strapping is at the heart of Signode's Strapping systems.

Stretch Wrapping

For nearly 20 years, Signode Packaging Systems has been one of the world's largest producers of stretch wrapping systems, including both stretch film and application equipment. These systems, which may be used exclusively or in conjunction with strapping systems, help protect products from damage during handling, transit and storage.

Tape Packaging

Since the early 1980s, Signode Packaging Systems has been a premier supplier of high quality, pressure sensitive carton sealing tapes and tape application equipment. These systems are used worldwide to package everything from produce and meat products to clothing and electronic parts.

Exerpt from the Signode website.

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