"Over the years, Brown has always given us excellent and prompt, thorough service and coverage. One thing we value is the high quality of the products Brown Packaging sells. Although very price competitive, Brown Packaging has been there for Crane & Co. when service is needed. We can always count on Rick Flynn to respond promptly to our needs at the several mill and factory locations of cranes."
Jim Walton - Crane & Co.

Our Staff

David Brown - Director of Packaging

"We've grown with the industry, but will never forget where we came from. At the end of the day, good business will always be about excellent customer service, an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, and the highest standards of integrity."


Sue - Purchasing Manager

"A buyer's mission is 4 fold; Purchase a quality item, at the best price, in a timely fashion, and from a dependable supplier."

"Our customers can only benefit from this service, which enables them to succeed."


 Paula - eCommerce


Tammy - Parts & Service Department 

"My job is to invoice customers, and to take care of any service calls and parts orders. I take great pride in making sure all of my customers are happy in every way that I can help them, whether it's a billing question, a service call or a part order that needs immediate attention."



Brian - Field Service Technician

"To me, Brown Packaging Inc. means 'problem solved' for customers. Brown Packaging supports me as a Field Service Technician by representing packaging machinery manufacturers of the highest quality, with an emphasis on quality training, documentation and support. I enjoy passing that training on to the customer's operation and maintenance personnel, so that they know their machines. This has the extra benefit of eliminating any unnecessary problems. Whether it is by the installation of a new machine that eliminates project bottleneck, or by the repair of an essential older machine, 'problem solved' means that the lives of customers on the production floor are made so much easier."

John - Sales Representative

"I represent the resources at Brown Packaging Inc. that enable our customers to stay ahead of their competitors in this ever-changing world of business. At Brown Packaging, our independence and flexibility allow me to react quickly and competently. My customers rely on me to solve their packaging challenges, and Brown Packaging provides me with the tools to do just that!"

Rick - Sales Representative

"What I like the most about Brown Packaging is the family feel. If I need to make a decision for a customer, I work directly with Dave Brown and we can get it done instantly. In other companies, you have to go through multiple layers to achieve the same thing."

Ron - Equipment Management/Automation Sales

"I like to take my customers current packaging process, and upgrade it to a new or improved method of packaging. I do this by showing how an investment in our automatic packaging equipment will offer my customers better production rates, lower labor cost, and what their return on investment will be. This in not only accomplished with our automatic packaging equipment, but also with our packaging materials."

Robert - Warehouse/Shipping

"Providing our customers with on-time deliveries and correct products are made possible by maintaining an accurate inventory through constant awareness of our product line and priorities."

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