"Over the years, Brown has always given us excellent and prompt, thorough service and coverage. One thing we value is the high quality of the products Brown Packaging sells. Although very price competitive, Brown Packaging has been there for Crane & Co. when service is needed. We can always count on Rick Flynn to respond promptly to our needs at the several mill and factory locations of cranes."
Jim Walton - Crane & Co.

Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation has many possibilities if done by a single person. Without the consult of our experienced staff will you get the best recommendations? At Brown Packaging we work together and use our years of packaging experience to formulate a response to your inquiry. Many times with more then a single possibility we strive to be different, offering you the options that will enhance your business opportunities.

When we do testing, we do it right. Many times we use the machines at Brown Packaging with our own technicians and invite you to be a part of our evaluation. When that is not possible, product samples are sent to our vendors for their evaluation. They do a complete analysis and return samples and their recommendation. Whether Brown Packaging or our vendor completes your evaluation you can count on us to provide local service and follow up.

As with everything we do the customer is always first, first to get our Evaluation, first to get our Support and first to get our "Total Package" support. As part of our continued service and support, you can count on us for timely packaging material delivery mostly from our extensive stock on our own trucks. Another part of our "Total Package" support for you!

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