"Over the years, Brown has always given us excellent and prompt, thorough service and coverage. One thing we value is the high quality of the products Brown Packaging sells. Although very price competitive, Brown Packaging has been there for Crane & Co. when service is needed. We can always count on Rick Flynn to respond promptly to our needs at the several mill and factory locations of cranes."
Jim Walton - Crane & Co.

Company History 

Fred Brown started Brown Packaging Inc. in 1963. The entire operation consisted of himself, one woman in the office, an employee to help out with the orders, and one truck.

It was a different era -- a time when sales calls consisted of traveling from business to business, knocking on doors to sell products and services and sealing the meeting with a handshake.

In the process, Brown Packaging Inc. developed a reputation for integrity, for knowledge of the business, and for making friends out of customers. When David Brown joined the company in 1973, he entered an industry that was rapidly transforming with the technology revolution.

Today, Brown Packaging Inc. sells innovative packaging machinery and materials to companies throughout the Northeast. Along the way, David's workforce has grown exponentially. The pick-up truck has been replaced with a fleet of large trucks. A new building in Adams, MA has state-of-the-art technology, a well equipped demonstration facility with a sales and technical staff that is second to none.

But when a customer calls, the inside sales staff will personally answer the phone, and this is one facet of the business that will never be replaced by advancing technology. Like his father before him, David Brown understands that the heart and soul of any business rests entirely in the people working there and the individual, personalized service they deliver. His customers know they'll get the right answer quickly -- and in person.

Brown Packaging Inc. is still grounded in the basic elements that distinguish the best businesses anywhere. We are committed to helping our customers succeed. The knowledgeable employees in our company are still making friends out of customers all of these years later.

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