"I've been working with Rick Flynn and Dave Brown of Brown Packaging for over 15 years dealing with items as small development work on a cleavable tape to complete design and installation of a Robotic stretch wrapping station. The support I have received from Brown and their suppliers has been top notch. I can always count on quick efficient response for any concern I may have."

Letter from CEO

Dear Friends,

The packaging industry is among the largest employers in the country and a major contributor to the GNP. It's constantly evolving, driven by technology that is transforming our machinery and products even as you read this letter. Yet for all its sophistication, our business prospers by the exact same principles that have governed commerce since time began.

To succeed, we must bring value to our customers. If we meet your needs at the right price, with the right technical expertise and creativity, you may consider doing business with us. Or possibly with our competitors.

So how do we break away from the pack? What are the differentiators at Brown Packaging Inc. that separate us from the competition? And how do we maintain our edge?

The answers are the same today as they were when my father launched Brown Packaging Inc. in 1963. Assemble a staff that is literally second to none in the industry. Attract and retain people who know every aspect of this business and who find solutions to the most intractable packaging problems. Give our customers a better way to package their products, using innovative solutions that will serve them well for the short term and the long haul.

We've grown with the industry, but will never forget where we came from. At the end of the day, good business will always be about excellent customer service, an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, and the highest standards of integrity.

This is Brown Packaging Inc.


David J. Brown
Brown Packaging Inc.
201 Howland Avenue
Adams, MA 01220

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